What is

Chrome on Android has the ability to create homescreen icons that have context menus (long-press on the icon) designed to give you quick access to parts of the app. For example, Twitter has "new Tweet" and "new Direct Message". This tool allows you to create an icon that has your own links. is a simple demo that let's you create your own personalised shortcut icons and install them to your homescreen.


I love .new domains, and some of the things that you can do with them (i.e,

My life seems to revolve around creating new things, be it an email, a document, a tweet...

I wanted the ability for people to be able to create a list of their own actions.

I merged the ideas together.

What browsers and OS's does this work on?

Right now it's only tested on Chrome on Android. I'm told it works on Windows (Chrome and Edge).

Who was created by?

Paul Kinlan.